principal estate sales listings

4/13/2019 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

4/14/2019 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

This sale is one for the ages! There’s items here for every walk of life - whether you amass traditional antiques, or simply hunt for the occasional perfect addition to your personal abode, there’s sure to be something here for you! Of all the limitless ways to feng shui your pad... funky retro, traditional vintage, Bohemian / Hippy, Western, Asian influenced, Art Deco - the list goes on and on...there’s super cool stuff here for each and every home decor theme that I can think of! The house is decorated in the finest of furniture, from the Amish made dining suite, to the Pennsylvania House bedroom furniture (yep, that’s a Queen size four poster bed!), to the Lane sleeper sofa - this woman knew good furniture, and her house is proof. [*As an aside, the house itself is AMAZING, and it’s going to be for sale, so if you want the inside track, feel free to talk to us about it!] Even aside from the furniture, the stuff she collected is SO COOL - take a look at the pictures and see for yourself! There’s tons of vintage / antique games, toys, and collectibles!! Now, that’s only addressing the FIRST house...We’ve also cherry picked and added the best content from FOUR other locations - items from a lifetime collector of all things antique, resulting in a sale overflowing with multitudes of stuff, spanning the decades from the late 1800s to present! This is definitely a sale you don’t want to miss - it’s going to be a lot of fun! ==>>>>Here’s the details: Saturday, APR 13: 9am - 4pm; Sunday, APR 14: 10am - 4pm. SIGN IN LIST WILL BE POSTED AT 8AM SHARP ON SATURDAY. The full address will update on all advertisements on Friday, APR 12.<<<<== Keep an eye on our website - we’ll add more photos there as we go! Or you can always follow us on facebook at - we upload all the photos we take after the initial round for the ads there as well! We do not reveal prices before the sale opening, we do not pre-sell, and we cannot hold any items. EVERY ITEM IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, period. The Pope himself would have to wait his place in line. We have sold stickers available upon entry - just let us know you need some! Please address any questions / comments in person at the sale. If you are trying to contact us in regards to these items prior to the sale, we will try our best to get back to you, but our first priority is hosting a quality event (texting is recommended). Contacting us the day before the sale will be next to impossible, so if you have questions, please give us an extra day to get back to you. Please see below for information regarding entrance numbers and sale procedures. If you’re in the market for an estate sale, we provide free consultations, so just give us a call, or schedule online here - HTTPS://PRINCIPAL.AS.ME >>>Terms and Conditions:<<< ~~>>>ENTER THIS PREMISES AT YOUR OWN RISK. PRINCIPAL ESTATE SALES IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGES TO PROPERTY, VEHICLES OR PERSONS. NEITHER IS THE HOMEOWNER.<<<~~ ***ENTRY: To prevent excess wear and tear and/or damage to the residence, a maximum of 20 people will be permitted inside at any given time. As people exit, the capacity will be kept at that amount, and usually waiting time is minimal. ENTRY NUMBERS: A sign in list will be posted on the front door of the premises! Directions will be printed on the list, and we expect you will behave in a fair and dignified manner with regard to the self regulating nature of this process. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be bumped to the back of the line. ***PAYMENT for items may be made via cash or credit card. An additional 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases, and proper ID is required in addition to signing a statement regarding chargebacks. ***ALL SALES FINAL. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. ***Roadside parking only. Driveway reserved for large item pick up. Please park safely and legally at all times. Principal Estate Sales is not responsible for any accidents, damage, fines, tickets, theft, injury or any other mishap that can occur as a result of parking on a public street. Neither is the homeowner. Please be respectful of neighbors. ***BRING HELP TO LOAD ITEMS. We do not offer moving services for large items. We do, however, have a decently priced company we can refer you to - ask us for their card! All items must be removed by 4pm Sunday, unless other arrangements are made PRIOR to purchase. ***BE RESPECTFUL, COURTEOUS, USE COMMON SENSE. ANY VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL. Principal Estate Sales is not liable for any falls, injuries, and/or accidents incurred on premises. Neither is the homeowner. ***OFFER BOX: You may leave an offer on any item. PLEASE NOTE: A written offer is considered a legally binding contract. ***HOLDING STATION: If you start a pile, you are required to purchase EVERY item in it. Your pile is ALL OR NOTHING. It is unfair to other customers, and our clients, if you pull an item from the sale, only to put it back - we have then missed multiple opportunities to sell it. ***CHILDREN must be DIRECTLY supervised at all times. No exceptions. The risk of them being hurt is too great. Any unsupervised children and their guardian will be immediately asked to leave. ***Admittance into our estate sales is at the sole discretion of the sale director, and may be revoked at any time, for any reason.